Working from home
can be fun & focused.

Study after study show that we work faster & happier when we are around other people.

Welcome to your online coffee shop
where you can see your friends as you work.

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App Preview
Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny Rachitsky


A game changer!
I got more done in the last 3 hours than I did all of yesterday!

App Preview

What's an online coffee shop?

The Sukha is a community website where
24 hours a day you can drop in...

    hear beautiful focus music...

        & quietly work in the presence of others.

Why did we create this?

When I was a film executive at Fox and DreamWorks, I read scripts in a Starbucks on Sunset Blvd.

It was famous for the mix of young and experienced screenwriters
sitting table next to table...working away quietly.

There was very little chatter...
just the sense of being part of a community trying to write the next great thing.

This sense of "belonging" in that coffee shop was inspiring.

And I want you to have that experience, too.

- Steven Puri, Founder & CEO

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My morning Sukha session is the highlight of my day.  It’s the single greatest app I’ve found for my productivity….

Whether writing code or prose,
your focus tools are here.

Press Play...
  1. Distractions are silenced
    2. Focus music streams
      3. Your pomodoro timer starts...
            and away you go.

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Join thousands of other high-performers from...

Martin Slaney

Martin Slaney


Product Of The Year - by a mile.
A new age of productivity has begun.

Members finish their work
2x faster.

Research shows we lose half our day to distractions & burnout.

With 400,000+ tasks now completed, Sukha members finish 2x faster than their estimates.

Try it for free and go to bed tonight feeling relaxed for a change.

female worker focusing on being productive

Yes, you can integrate your favorite apps...




This app really gets every feature you need to focus / get in the flow in one place and it does it very well.  The social aspect and also the human voice are huge features, I love it!

And it's cheaper than a cup of coffee.

100% Happiness Guarantee.

If you don't love The Sukha, we'll refund you. No questions asked.

PRO Plan
$4 /monthly

For working professionals looking to supercharge their effectiveness and reduce their stress.

All the things:

  • AI–powered Productivity Coaches

  • 150+ hours of Flow Music

  • Full Spotify Integration

  • Notification Blocking

  • Unlimited Task Management

  • Pomodoro Timers

  • Meeting Notifications

  • Linear, Todoist, Asana integrations

  • Unlimited 1:1 Buddy Sessions

Laser Focus Awaits

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Kent C. Dodds

Kent C. Dodds


Just so much to get done for the @remix_run launch on Monday.
I could never have gotten all this done without it.
This thing is amazing.